When it comes to barbecue, a perfectly smoked brisket often steals the show. But let’s not forget that a great meal is the combination of your hero mains, with some great sides to finish it off! These brisket side dishes are your ticket to turning your smoked brisket into an all-round satisfying feast!

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sliced beef brisket on a wooden brisket board with brisket side dishes.

The Best Brisket Side Dishes

You will find a collection of some of the best side dishes for brisket, complementing the rich, smoky flavours of your beef brisket and adding a little variety to your plate. From classic comfort foods to innovative twists on traditional favourites, these brisket sides will round out your BBQ spread beautifully.

1. Classic American Coleslaw

two small bowls of classic american coleslaw.

A favourite side dish at any summer BBQ is the classic American coleslaw! A super easy recipe to whip up ahead of time, served chilled as is, or even use it as a filling in a brisket sandwich!

2. Classic Potato Salad

close up of potato salad in green bowl with eggs in background.

A classic potato salad is a must for any weekend BBQ or summer catch-up. This creamy potato salad has boiled eggs, crunchy celery, onion and more.

3. Bacon And Balsamic Smoked Brussels Sprouts

tray of roasted brussels sprouts on grill.

These bacon balsamic brussels sprouts are packed with salty bacon flavour and a touch of tart balsamic vinegar that pair so well with the rich flavours of your tender smoked brisket.

4. Bell Pepper And Cucumber Salad

close up of cucumber pepper salad in a large while bowl.

Our colourful and easy bell pepper and cucumber salad features crispy mini cucumbers, mini bell peppers, green onions, and a tangy ginger sesame dressing, with the best crunchy texture.

5. Summer Slaw With Ginger Miso Dressing

large white bowl with salad with small serving plate beside it on white background.

The ginger miso dressing turns ordinary cabbage into an extraordinary Summer coleslaw!  This easy recipe is loaded with flavour and is a simple way to get in some veggies, making it a perfect side dish for all the BBQs, potlucks and picnics. 

6. Easy Grilled Veggie Skewers

6 vegetable skewers on a white background.

These grilled veggie skewers made with zucchini, red onion, and bell peppers are grilled to perfection drizzled with tangy balsamic vinegar and brushed with a fresh garlic herb sauce. The best part is that you can prep them ahead of time and then throw them on the grill just before your brisket is ready to serve.

7. Egg Salad

close up of egg salad in bowl on red checkered tablecloth.

A simple homemade egg salad recipe made with boiled eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Perfect on a brisket sandwich or side dish!

8. Air Fried Broccolini

white serving plate with pile of air fried brocollini.

This crispy air fryer broccolini recipe would pair perfectly with the tender, rich flavours of your smoked brisket.

9. Smoked Baked Beans

two bowls of smoked baked beans with a fork in the centre, on wooden table.

This smoked baked beans recipe is a must-have for a great cookout! A sweet and savoury dish that is easy to make but makes a big impression next to your slow-cooked brisket or at a potluck too.

10. Mango Avocado Salad

close up of mango avocado salad in a large brown serving bowl.

This chopped mango avocado salad is a seasonal salad that really hits the spot for summer entertaining or a relaxed weekend of backyard dining.

11. Roasted Beet And Watermelon Salad With Goat Cheese

three plates of beet watermelon salad on wooden table.

This roasted beet watermelon salad is not only colourful but also packed with delicious textures and flavours. The creamy goat cheese is a great contrast to the earthy beets and peppery arugula, and the watermelon adds sweetness. Topped with crunchy roasted pepitas and drizzled with a simple honey vinaigrette.

12. Cauliflower ‘Potato’ Salad

cauliflower potato salad in white serving dish with fork in front.

A comforting carb salad, minus the high carbs you get with a traditional potato. This cauliflower potato salad is full of zesty flavours and creamy textures. And of course, bacon!

13. Avocado Corn Salad

colourful salad in large white bowl with avocado, corn and tomato.

This avocado corn salad gives you a pop of colour next to your delicious brisket, with fresh yellow corn kernels, diced avocado chunks, red onion, bell pepper, and a simple homemade lime dressing for tangy salad recipe.

14. Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

close up of baking tray with scalloped potatoes, straight out of the oven.

These cheesy scalloped potatoes are buttery, creamy, and sprinkled with lots of cheese! This is an easy crowd-pleasing side dish that can easily be made in advance.

15. Roasted Radishes With Chimichurri

close up of roasted radishes in a white bowl.

This super simple roasted radishes side dish packs a big punch. Roasting radishes gives them a whole new flavour and adding the Chimichurri sauce just makes them better again.

16. Greek Orzo Pasta Salad

greek orzo salad in a white bowl with ingredients in background.

This Greek orzo pasta salad is a great summer salad with crunchy vegetables, fresh herbs, salty olives and creamy feta cheese all tossed with a tangy lemon vinaigrette. Best of all, you can make it a day or two ahead of time too.

17. Loaded Wedges With Chorizo And Avocado Sauce

tray of loaded wedges with toppings.

Want some comfort sides with your brisket? If you’ve been saving yourself all day for your low and slow and you’re starving, these loaded wedges with chorizo are a satisfying side dish.

18. Grilled Pineapple

slices of grilled pineapple on black tray.

Grilled pineapple is a perfect summer BBQ side dish! Juicy, sweet, smokey, with a slight tang, it’s a great way to lighten the flavours of your brisket for some sweet contrast.

19. Chimichurri Roasted Vegetables

white bowl with grilled vegetables and tray of extra vegetables next to it.

A simple side dish recipe for oven-roasted vegetables that are marinated in a delicious chimichurri sauce, ready in just 35 minutes. 

20. Sweet Pickle Potato Salad

close up of sweet pickle potato salad in a bowl with red edge.

Add a twist to the classic potato salad with this sweet pickle potato salad, with creamy mayo, sweet pickles and hard-boiled eggs.

21. Mashed Potatoes

pile of mashed potatoes with herbs in a white bowl.

Mashed potatoes are a favourite side dish during the winter season and this recipe is going to show you how to make your mash even better!

22. Smoked Potatoes Au Gratin

dutch oven with potatoes au gratin on smoker.

This smoked potatoes au gratin recipe is the perfect smoked side dish for your brisket. These 3 cheese au gratin potatoes with gruyere, cheddar and smoked gouda are perfectly creamy and can also be made on the stovetop or in the oven too.

23. Smoked Sweet Potatoes With Whipped Hot Honey Butter

close up of baked sweet potatoes with sour cream on top.

This recipe for smoked sweet potatoes with hot honey butter is one of those side dishes that goes really fast, so make sure to prepare extra if you’re cooking for a crowd.

Next time you’re wondering what to serve with brisket, you are sure to find some fresh new options in this list, with light summer salads or more hearty comfort sides that will make your smoked brisket a complete meal.

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